Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scheduled Date Nights? 

In the almost twenty years of marriage to my bride, we've never really had a regular "date night"... nothing against a scheduled "date night" alone but it just hasn't seemed to fit with us as such... instead we try to nurture our relationship in other ways through our daily living of life (much like this blogger did when her regular date night concept wasn't going to fit the schedule).

We live a little ways out of town so when driving our family to town, and my wife and I get to sit in the front of our 15 passenger van together, we joke of our "date"... we laugh, but it's true-- we are connecting with each other in a meaningful way as we talk and spend time together. We take short "dates" when we hold hands going into the store together without the kids. Spending time working together, getting up early and sitting on the porch (tried this for a while), reading together, playing with the kids as a family, etc... wonderful ways to develop and strengthen the intimacy of our marriage.

I care more deeply for my bride today than I ever have... I think it's working :-)

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